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First, plug in your laptop and close any background programs. If it’s outside of the return window with Walmart, you’ll probably have to talk with their tech support either via phone or email. With mine, the laptop would power on, I would see lights and the fan would spin up. Manually updated the BIOS using the command prompt to 1.05. Trying to perform the flash in Windows was just a waste of time.

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You need to change to the directory not just copy in the file location. That said, I’m regretting not making a backup of the original 1.03 BIOS. Currently experiencing an issue after waking from hibernation on Fedora 31 where about every minute or so the screen goes black and the system seems to momentarily sleep until I hit a key on the keyboard.

Note the difference between the BIOS above with the newer MSI Click BIOS 4 below. UEFI BIOS shares many similar features with old-school — often called legacy — BIOS versions. The biggest innovation in the UEFI BIOS is its clickable and more accessible user interface . It’s also responsible for testing your hardware components, like the hard drive and GPU, through a sequence called POST (Power-On Self-Test).

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  • In these cases, if background images are disabled, certain site features will be usuable, or site navigation will be outright impossible.
  • Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page web link (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for what you want.
  • If you want to change the background of the tabs, you can install either a theme or a complete theme.

However, and we can’t stress strongly enough, playing around inside of the BIOS settings without the proper knowledge can lead to serious anguish. As in, your computer may be completely borked if you improperly change any of the settings. Tinkering with your BIOS can help to rectify any severe problems that your PC is experiencing, if you can’t actually boot into Windows to make changes there.

There is a fair amount of taboo behind upgrading your BIOS unless absolutely necessary, but the process really is simple, painless, and can prevent several PC issues from arising in the future. Upon further research, I found the latest version is 1.9.

BIOS versions can differ from one to the other, though rarely by much. Upgrading your BIOS version, or installing a previous version, can allow for different capabilities. It is recommended you install the latest versions of all software, including your BIOS, to ensure maximum compatibility and protection. The UEFI BIOS also allow for great added features like hardware monitoring, more convenient overclocking accessibility, overclock profiles, and easier flashing capabilities.