The Tinder horror tales therefore cringeworthy, it is additionally vital to remain solitary.

The Tinder horror tales therefore cringeworthy, it is additionally vital to remain solitary.

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Ahh Tinder… It’s both a blessing and a curse from the world that is dating.

From the one hand, exactly what better method to own a hook-up/chat that is quick individuals you wouldn’t otherwise meet in #reallyfe.

Then once more again, there’s the bombardment of unwanted peen pics and tales of phase 5 clingers and batshit crazies that’ll allow you to be want to douse your phone in holy water and swear off dating for a lifetime.

Below we’ve pulled together a few of the more annoying Tinder stories which are simultaneously hilarious, cringe-worthy and creepy AF.

Prepare yourselves of these shockers…

Oh, Baby!

“Showed as much as the date therefore the woman ended up being pregnant, VERY expecting. Like holy crap just how do you arrive here by yourself, do I need to concern yourself with your water breaking any full minute expecting… No reference to her having a baby anywhere on the profile, not even a hint about any of it.”

Prepared AF.

“Tinder date with a’ that is‘famous where I happened to be taken fully to a dive club, where he quickly beginning speaking about how famous he had been. We watched and drank activities, he proceeded to tell me ‘You’re cute’ and also this sooner or later went along to ‘I 'm going to move you to bleed.’ Then he invited one of his true buddies to show up. We went outside and then he arrived around kiss me personally. I happened to be drunk, and so I kissed right back. Fundamentally, he proceeded to inform me personally just how he had been ‘being faced with battering their ex-girlfriend, but he completely didn’t do so.’

Sooner or later whenever it arrived time for you to spend the bill, ‘he lost his wallet.’ Of course, I have stuck along with it. ‘I’ll pay you straight back.’. (Needless to say, we never got a payment).

He then leaned up against me personally. We thought he had been wanting to kiss me personally once again, but We seemed down, in which he had been peeing on me personally.

On the street. Peeing. On. Me.

We swiftly, being too inebriated to push, went and got myself a college accommodation and a shower that is hot.


“Went on a night out together with some guy. He seemed good enough. Met up several days later on|days that are few} at my spot to have a TV marathon. We’d the time that is sexy. (it turned out a number of months since I experienced final had the sexy time). He began humping my base while heading down on me personally. I’d to inform him to quit. He keeps humping my foot and pretended he wasn’t… I ended up flipping him over and jumping ahead until I happened to be done. He was made by me jack himself down to complete. He kept attempting to get together once more also I wasn’t interested after I said. He finally first got it as he messaged asking exactly what he did incorrect and my response was ‘YOU HUMPED MY FEET. ’”

LISTEN: Apparently, they are the thoroughly tested get lines to conquer a lover that is potential. Post continues after audio.

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Your Concerns Answered

The 5:30am Club

The Old Switcheroo.

“Not precisely my worst, but possibly most confounding. an entirely various woman revealed|girl that is completely different} as much as my date. I’m perhaps not speaking use that is clever of perspectives. This is a person that is completely different.

I became seriously simply astonished that some one had actually done this, and therefore I happened to be witnessing it. It absolutely was some of those plain items that I’ve heard stories about from buddies, but never ever really skilled.

It absolutely was super strange. She talked about facts if she was the one I was messaging, so who knows about me as. We left after a drink. Met up with a few buddies.”

“I proceeded a night out together with some guy from Tinder and even as we had been consuming, he explained about their trip to a doctor that day… we listened sympathetically as he explained just how he ‘regularly produced massive stools’ due to him being a vegetarian, making rips inside the ‘tiny rectum,’ which he previously to place cream on. Of course, we didn’t date him once again!”

“Girl explained she had been 21 prior to the date then about 5 minutes in we realise she’s actually 16… that date didn’t country singles dating last long.”

Exactly What A Charmer.

“I’m somewhat in the side that is large and I also don’t make an effort to conceal it. And so I ended up being speaking with a fantastic man on Tinder and now we hit it well immediately. We met up at a bar, he saw me personally and also the words that are first believed to me had been, ‘Oh, i did son’t know you had been fat.’ Thus I turned around and walked out.”