Split up into ten areas, the characteristics challenge comprehensively assesses both you and are main to your matchmaking procedure.

Split up into ten areas, the characteristics challenge comprehensively assesses both you and are main to your matchmaking procedure.

Our characteristics examination try a key element an important part of securing your future with EliteSingles. The questions consider your very own traits, offer your personality to many other members, and enable united states introducing one like-minded single men and women.

By identifying individual elements, a completed examination enable tell you about compatible games. Many key issues when you take the test will help their long-term success with EliteSingles.

About our very own personality experience

Separated into ten sections, the individuality taste comprehensively measures you and is crucial for our matchmaking process. By identifying their personality and person characteristics, all of our smart profiling experience capable to create around 7 suitable matches daily, in order to read through a alternatives while focusing on matchmaking.

Contemplate and get sincere

With more than 200 questions, the identity try ought to be effectively assumed; full they while you are calm. Even though some were polar (yes/no) problems, people need a scale to guage family member value and require expression of what you’re like.

Honesty is always the greatest solution. The questionnaire is just one of the way EliteSingles offers you https://www.privatelinesdating.com/grindr-review to more users. Providing precisely what can happen is the a€?righta€™ answer may serve to dilute their properties and represent you as someone very general; what makes your various is usually why is an individual appealing. Thinking seriously was for that reason recommended, both to distinguish your self and invite us to introduce you to definitely people which really suit your style.

Character Test Description

Once you have finished the exam you are given your individuality page. Ita€™s according to the Five Factor style theory of identity attributes, a psychological model based upon investigation by Robert McCrae and Paul Costa. It’ll identify your levels of receptivity, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.


This quality reflects a€?open-mindednessa€™ and interest in customs. Big scorers commonly imaginative, imaginative, in order to search for national and academic experiences. Low scorers are far more down-to-earth, significantly less sincerely interested in art plus much more useful in the wild.


This characteristic checks just how organized and prolonged we’re in pursuing all of our needs. Premium scorers become organized, well-organised and dutiful. Reduced scorers are less cautious, a great deal less focussed plus more likely sidetracked from projects.


This characteristic is about the manner in which you behave in social situations. Individuals rich in extraversion become energetic and find the organization of rest. Low scorers (introverts) tend to be more quiet and reserved.


This trait is actually an indication of how we usually get connected to others. People rich in agreeableness are generally believing, friendly and cooperative. Minimal scorers are far more intense and fewer cooperative.


This attribute shows the habit of experiences negative thoughts and emotions. Premium scorers are inclined to low self-esteem and mental problems. Low scorers are certainly more casual, little emotional much less at risk of stress.

Separate by yourself

The character taste features both multiple choice and open-response points, for example a€?what feeling captivated with?a€™, and will eventually react to the focus you place on mental capability, expert goal, and connection aim. Use the available query to present an original photo of on your own, and determine many in depth what you are actually looking. In the event that you strongly appeal your own academic area, like, inform individuals the reason why this is really important to you, and all you assume to return the favour. As research by Norton (2007) has generated, internet dating users with increased records get extra success in getting very suitable suitors, thus attempt to existing by yourself as totally as you are able to. 1 Other members desire to read some thing intriguing about yourself, extremely communicate exactly what makes an individual specific. Like you would want to see fascinating replies off their members, compose expressively and memorably in exchange.

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When you yourself have any questions, kindly dona€™t balk to communicate with our very own customer satisfaction employees.


1 Norton, M.I., icing, J.H., and Ariely, D. (2007). Fewer is a bit more: The lure of ambiguity, or why familiarity breeds disregard. Newspaper of character and cultural Psychology, 92 (1), pp.97-105.

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