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DataStax Astra — Open, multi-cloud stack for contemporary apps

Spam Detection APIs

Akismet is the kid that is big the block.

You may consider Akismet as a WordPress thing, and it’s also. It’s an Automattic product and it is possibly primarily utilized as a WordPress plugin. I operate that here on CSS-Tricks also it’s blocked 1,989,326 so far.

It has a generic API . There are libraries for Dart, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, etc, as well as plugins for other CMSs . Therefore you can still use Akismet for spam detection if you use a different CMS or have your custom app.

To get greater results over time, it is possible to submit content telling it if it is spam or ham (ham is the opposite of spam… g d content).

Several folks mentioned Plino if you ask me.

There was other things which makes me nervous. It is obviously on Heroku that will be kinda costly at scale, and so with no rates model it appears as though it could go away anytime. Sorta feels as though a side project that is fun-but-abandoned. Last commit ended up being two years ago, when I compose.

PSpam appears super similar to Plino, but includes a prices model, which will be nice. They publish their latency, which is over two seconds . We have actuallyn’t compared that towards the others and so I have no clue if they’re all that sluggish. Two seconds appears like lot for the API call in my experience, but maybe it’s not that big of the deal because it’s an async submit?

CleanTalk features a clear prices framework and seemingly have a g d amount of clients, which is a plus if you ask me. The website l ks a little janky though, helping to make me worry just a little.

(Sorry if that’s a little rude, but it’s simply psychological math to me. G d design is amongst the minimum investments that are expensive business could make to improve trust, so companies that overl k it make me wonder.)

There are certainly a couple out here that seem rather certain to emails that are testing. As in, testing your own e-mails before you deliver them to be sure they aren’t considered spam by email services. Listed here are a couple I cam across while l king around

Discover API Design

Frontend Masters gets the course that is perfect learning developing your own personal API. It is API Design in Node.js, now in it’s third edition, type Scott Moss. Listed here is to you along with your full-stack journey!

Discover API Design

Frontend Masters has got the course that is perfect learning how to build your own personal API. It’s API Design in Node.js, now in it’s third edition, type Scott Moss. Listed here is for you and your full-stack journey!


That’s a very overview that is useful me personally. I am creating a comment system and at this time it’s only protected by re-captcha and a blacklist. But I would like to give my users an option to have extra anti-spam protection. It seems like Akismet may be the best candidate to integrate for me personally.

[Plino is] clearly on Heroku which will be kinda costly at scale, so with no rates model it seems like it might anytime go away.

Thanks relating to this article, its reallly helpful

Why are you ignoring even the most elementary legal areas of using these serices? I am staying in the EU, I need to care about the GPDR, and while I will be maybe not in the position to offer legal services, also i will note that a number of the services you list are let me tell you non-complying – and probably can not be considered respectable also by US standards

PSpam neither publishes a privacy policy nor identifies its legal identification (RapidAPwe is just acting being a broker and takes no resposibility that is legal GlockApps does not identify its legal identity – its customer service appears to be located in Belarus

Do you really believe it is a g d idea to send personal information of your guests to a service where you don’t even comprehend the address in the event of appropriate proceedings – never to speak about paying them?

I’m Onar, founder of PSpam Anti-Spam API. Thanks for the content as well as for including PSpam Anti-Spam API.

About the latency-as you mentioned, the API expects the demands to be async since a spammer’s internet protocol address is going to be scanned against outside numerous blacklisted IPs lists to pay for more area.

Part notes, we additionally now have a fetlife website WordPress plugin ( with the name PSpam Anti-Spam on the marketplace) and a fresh pretty site (https // pspam /).

This feedback along with other people had been valuable.


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