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Talk to a business analyst to determine the true market value of your game. You already have a proven product with 14 months of growth and earnings to show for it. What you really need is a sound business plan and capital to action the business plan. Furthermore, I cherry picked random numbers off the top of my head. Since you have been running this game and used to work for that company you know much better what numbers would be more realistic.

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This app has a lot of the same features as MedScape, but uniquely offers a text service called athenaText. Through athenaText, you can quickly get in touch with other doctors who use the app for referrals and consults. Smartphones and tablets are pretty much ubiquitous in healthcare settings today, and doctors of all specialties have an overwhelming variety of medical apps from which to choose. Some apps are popular across the board, while some target select specialties and subspecialties. Lemonaid, MDLIVE, and Doctor on Demand are good examples of this type of service currently Tubi growing quickly in the telemedicine market. Teladoc connects patients to a board-certified doctor 24/7 through the convenience of phone or video visits. This app provides patients with quick and easy communication with doctors who are ready to listen and resolve their issues.

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Inside you’ll find a bunch of folders and a file called AndroidManifest.xml. Apex launcher is completely safe like other third party launchers or stock android launchers.

  • If asked, give the file manager permission to install apk files.
  • That said, you cannot download or install any app from the Google Play Store, which is the primary source of Android application.
  • A bedside tool containing the various calculators, medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers.

Recently, Medpage’s developers partnered with Thomas-Reuters Healthcare to provide prescription drug monographs and disease pathology information to their users. The Baptist Medical Clinic mobile app gives people easy, on-the-go access to primary care physicians and other providers at Baptist in central Mississippi. Those who want to try mobile health apps are probably fairly tech-savvy. Blockchain-built healthcare app ensures the security privacy of the patients’ data transfer and storage. This is a more advanced feature that you might not see in all healthcare apps, but some users like to have the option. This applies if you are developing a medical app that will work or can pair together with some wearable devices, such as health watches, bands, or trackers. You could even create an in-app community where users can compete with each other to see how well they’re doing each day, week, or month.

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Dungeon Masters can rest a bit easier now that the library of Dungeons and Dragons core rulebooks will soon be available in an easy-to-lug digital edition. Flutter in Action teaches you to build professional-quality mobile applications using the Flutter SDK and the Dart programming language. Get your library into WorldCat Your library’s content and services can be discovered by millions of people where they work every day—on the Web. Keep library resources close at hand from your browser or personalized Web page. A weekly newsletter, Top Tech Tidbits, with the latest on assistive technology, accessibility and mobile app.

Start from your standard design layout and gradually reduce unnecessary elements to lower the number of actions that lead to a completed task. Mental health apps aimed to make therapy more accessible, efficient, and flexible. They can assist with fighting depression, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders with the help of pre-recorded meditations, breathing exercises, gamification elements, and more. These apps are designed to make the patients’ lives easier. Simple yet useful as along with basic medical assistance, these apps cover a wide range of wellness aspects. Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. Considered the “gold standard” of anatomy reference apps, the Human Anatomy Atlas comprises more than 10,000 3D structures , as well as definitions, pronunciations, Latin terms, and explanations.