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Ms. GOONESEKERE noted that the retention price for ladies as compared to men in all sectors of schooling for overseas service contradicted the statistics reflecting the number of women truly in international service. When the Committee met again this afternoon, Ms. Espinosa highlighted the varied consciousness-raising and coaching programs held with the aim of accelerating women’s participation in public and political life. The recent adoption of electoral amendments had been the result of input from women.

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She stated since July 2000, Mexico had been in a process of democratic transition, which might be outlined as a metamorphosis within the exercise of presidency and a change in the relationships of presidency with civil society and the worldwide group. The Institute had organized 54 consultation forums and created the National Programme for Equality of Opportunities and Non-discrimination Against Women .

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What had been the result of that activity and how many women had “shaken off” poverty as a result? She asked what methods were used to implement labour standards, especially with respect to women within the low-paid, weak labour sectors, noting that in accordance with the report, 25 per cent of women earned lower than the minimal wage. She was notably concerned concerning the employment circumstances in the maquila sector, which generally concerned the labour-intensive manufacturing of exports along the border. Had details be discovered regarding reported conditions of slavery in that sector? She had understood that girls in that sector suffered spontaneous miscarriages because of working long hours and have been then prosecuted for having led to abortions.

Ms. ESPINOSA disagreed respectfully with the consultants’ references to labour conditions of girls, notably those within the maquilas sector. The Government, together with the President, had made a number of efforts on behalf of the maquila workers. Women have been working with the Secretariat of Labour to follow up on the Convention. She noted that based on the report, credit score was often issued by way of intermediate organizations, and in some cases, only to organized women.

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It had additionally organized 72 events as well as conferences with officials in charge of implementing gender insurance policies within the different state ministries, among other issues. It had sponsored coaching and growth programs and offered counseling to include gender perspective within the plans and programmes of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior’s Political Development Directorate. PATRICIA ESPINOSA TORRES, President of the National Institute for Mexican Women, launched her country’s representatives and presented a video produced by the National Women’s Institute.

Ms. FERRER GOMEZ, professional from Cuba, stressing the significance of scholarships and efforts to reduce illiteracy, requested what level of schooling most ladies had attained. What proportion of girls taught at college level, and why was there a great difference in salaries between so-called “high” and “low” posts? The stage of participation of girls within the financial system was 36 per cent, which was a very low indicator contemplating women’s potential. Only 13.5 per cent of Mexican ambassadors had been women, and improvement was essential in that area. Approximately half of the requests for admission to the foreign service came from women and those already holding posts in hierarchy would see to it that girls entering the overseas service had a possibility to advance their careers.

The Institute was a decentralized physique and a part of the President’s Cabinet, she said in response to at least one question. It was made up of a Government Board with sixteen State secretaries and 16 women elected by the Gender Issues Committee, representing political events, academia and different sectors of society, thus making certain a plurality. The judiciary in addition to civil society were represented and the House of Representatives had allocated $22 million to the Institute. Responding to specialists’ questions and remarks, Ms. ESPINOSA acknowledged that all obstacles to a really democratic country have been still current when it comes to failings within the “gender tradition”. There was not all the time sufficient involvement of women, and their work was not totally valued.

She and several other members of the Mexican delegation additionally replied to particular questions. Other feedback focused on advancing the Committee’s prior suggestion to reduce poverty. Specifically, one expert asked what number of women, including heads of households, had benefited from the poverty discount programme of 1997, and whether or not that programme had been implemented with regard to indigenous women. Several feedback concerned implementation of article 6 of the Convention, on the suppression of trafficking and prostitution.

There was a new project, operational for a 12 months, which handled guaranteeing that legislation grew to become extra unified. She said the Institute was trying to hurry up the updating of federal laws and codes and helping Mexico’s 32 states to do the identical. Those efforts weren’t but sufficient, but they reflected progress in coordination. The Institute wished to work in a cross-chopping fashion in coordinating efforts between businesses, authorities constructions and other sectors. It tried to ensure that federalism was revered, that there was coordination with municipalities and that links existed with the legislative and judiciary branches of government.

She was also unclear in regards to the distinction between migrant and refugee women. Ms. RAMIREZ mentioned that despite progress in the retention of girls in colleges, there was nonetheless a spot. There was a multiplicity of pilot programmes, designed to enhance the training of teachers and improve consciousness among dad and mom, among different issues. A majority of staff in schooling had been women and participation in decision-making and in analysis by women was steadily improving.

More extreme punishment would be useful as the matter was half and parcel of organized crime, and required the reorganization of the authorized system. Regarding the applying of the Convention and other treaties in the Mexican authorized system, she said Mexico had federal, state and native courts. Laws coping with gender perspectives required coordination with 32 legislatures and heads of states. That problem was met through workshops with court docket personnel, which had resulted in the coaching of judges in 20 states.

To issues expressed about indigenous women, together with charges of rape by members of the military, she stated dialogues can be held to evaluate their scenario. A dedication had been undertaken along with the Government office coping with indigenous persons. Ms. ESPINOSA stated Mexico’s methods for social growth contained a special emphasis on enabling youngsters and younger adults to maximise their alternatives and providing social protection for everyone. She said that from a authorized standpoint, Mexico was not totally ready to take care of trafficking in women, but in recent times, some of the sources had been found.


According to the video, the Institute was the outcome of a number of a long time of intense work by Mexican women and had acquired the status of a decentralized organism of the Federal Government beneath the current administration. The report was ready by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Coordinating Office of the National Commission for Women on the basis of information supplied to be used in varied reports, including mexican woman progress stories of the National Programme for Women. In a common response to the consultants, Ms. Espinosa acknowledged the persistence of a discriminatory tradition and the failings of a “gender culture” in Mexico. The stage of ladies’s involvement was not at all times enough, and their work was not absolutely valued. But, tendencies favouring change had been evolving, and the Institute was engaged in accelerating the tempo of that change.


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