Colombian Brides – The Story


Colombian Brides are naturally happy and optimistic all the time. You should know that, Colombia Women who live or have been raised in South America are very different to Colombia women who are born and raised in the U.S. Cute Colombian girls are more family-oriented while American ladies would rather pursue education and career.

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Local women are absolutely okay with age difference, no matter how much older you would be. They respect not the numbers, but the personality, and if you find each other interesting, it will already be a perfect alliance for a Colombian lady. There are not so many women in Colombia who don’t like fashion and don’t know what suits them. If you meet a Colombian lady, she is very likely to look absolutely stunning and be dressed in the best way.

The nation is obsessed with huge breasts, thin waists, and big booties. Colombian ladies are some of the most astonishing women in all of South America. It is very important as a Colombian girl grows up she learns how to cook and clean.

colombian brides

If you like romance, Colombia women are just right for you. Even though it is very hard to get anywhere as a woman in the macho-dominated Colombia. Colombia women are enterprising, hardworking, dynamic and have a high sense of responsibility. Many American or European women often are apathetic, narrow-minded and cold by nature.

colombian brides

You don’t need to prove it by doing something tremendous. Just don’t forget about small things she asks you to do like buying something and helping her around.

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surround themselves with the same people, purposeful and smart. Consistency in deeds and actions is one of the most important rules of these females. A relationship should be formed on the basis of friendship. Convince your Colombian bride that she can talk to you about everything.

It always gives Colombian beauty confidence in own attractiveness. This is not only related to family traditions, but also religious (75% of them are Catholics) and ethnic ones that have developed in Colombia over the years. These are, for instance, aboriginal ceremonies or a 4-day bacchanal. Colombians love festivals too — they have them for flowers, books and even candles.

These are minor disadvantages, of course, and they shouldn’t discourage you from marrying such great women as Columbian. Colombian women have strong family values, and it means that their ties to their parents and other relatives are very strong. Don’t get pissed off when you’re going to spend your third weekend in a row at her family’s place. We would not misguide you by saying that marrying a Colombian woman is flawless.

Another way to make facial features more expressive for a Colombian girl is makeup. They never neglect bright shades and emphasize their big eyes and tasty full lips. It’s difficult to pass by such breathtaking women, so it’s not surprising they’ve won so many beauty contests. As if such disrespectful behavior wasn’t enough, Colombian men are often less than motivated to find a decent job to provide for their women and children fairly. First of all, they want the respect that they deserve.

Because your Colombian spouse will always be late for everything. Colombians always have something to celebrate, and even if your Colombian wife moves to your country, she won’t stop throwing fiestas. Colombians love it, and your Colombian wife wouldn’t miss an opportunity to add it to every meal. Well, the good news is that most Colombian girls are like that. If you think your ex-girlfriend was very romantic because she arranged candlelight dinners, you are wrong.

By now, you are probably familiar with the Western wedding traditions like bouquet toss or garter toss. In Colombia, there is one more fun wedding tradition to observe.

  • There are so many wonderful places to visit, even after 20 years of going there often I still feel there’s much to see.
  • That said, I’ve always listened to people who live there and let them be my guide.
  • If you know local people and they’re willing to guide you (I haven’t met a Colombian who wouldn’t, they really are amazing people!) that’s probably the best way to visit.
  • I can say from personal experience that the country IS much safer for tourists now than it used to be.
  • But even in the past I never really felt unsafe there, and I’ve never ever had a bad experience, even though we usually go out at night , take taxis in the streets, and travel in country roads.
  • There are a lot more foreigners around and much better resources for travelers.

Do not joke about cocaine, marijuana, and Pablo Escobar. Do not risk – most Colombians hate when foreigners joke about these problems. Colombian women are very loving and passionate, that is true, but they are jealous as well. Do not provoke her by giving her a reason to be jealous, and your relationship will be perfect. Compliment her everything – do not be shy, tell her how great she looks today, how wonderful her face is, and so on and so forth.


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