Chase will surely acknowledge proposals for completely new line or independent graphical novels

Chase will surely acknowledge proposals for completely new line or independent graphical novels

Hound Comics

Complete really works (They do acknowledge penciling, inking, lettering, and shading samples)

Chase Comics will only publish creator-owned media. Hound are only going to take suggestions for brand spanking new line or independent artwork books.

People: No script-only distribution. Any program or plotline unaccompanied by skill can be unread and thrown away. In the event you an acknowledged expert, kindly deliver types of your own printed efforts and additionally they is able to work anything .

Artists: They take penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring examples. Benefits products will likely be maintained document that will probably mean attaching more makers if then when the celebration presents itself.


HUMANOIDS is obviously equipped to look over brand new amazing tasks and pleasant brand new skills to the parents.

1) for them to review your undertaking as well as its prospective in another of their particular imprints (Humanoids heritage, gigantic, lives Drawn, H1), be sure to fill in the presentation Sheet doc and deliver to editorial@humanoids.

2) Any time youa€™re both Writer and Artist, or if perhaps a painter was attached to the job, the two require the following features as well:

a€“ 1 pinup or cover (med to heya solution)

a€“ 5-10 complete inside documents (med to whats up solution) in PDF format

If you should be a colors specialist, you need to forward a PDF case of your try to editorial@humanoids.

In case you are an author and dona€™t posses a designer, dona€™t concern. They have your back. Pack the Pitch Sheet and in case theya€™re interested, theya€™ll establish a creative team around assembling your project.

3) staying on your own. Dona€™t just be sure to ape someonea€™s style (on paper or art). Dona€™t likewise start with a€?i’ve ideal presentation for Humanoidsa€?. Humanoids have published lots of comics in lots of categories on their background. Focus on forwarding a compelling pitch, well-written and wonderfully drawn.

4) evaluate their unique inventory to master their own different imprints before you decide to publish your presentation.

5) do not submit a presentation suitable for another author (youa€™d see terrible).

Woman Demise Universe

Female dying arena is usually looking for latest, up-and-coming artisans if in case your material is killer, they can see renting an individual. But before distributing samples to us all, take note the annotated following:

At present shopping for: Pencilers, Inkers, Sequential performers, Protect writers and singers, Colorists, Letterers

Writers : you apologize, but we are really not looking article writers at this time.


If you choose to physically email an art entry, do not deliver originals.

Lion Forge Comics

Authors, Musicians, Guidelines

The Lion Forge, LLC (a€?Lion Forgea€?) don’t frequently accept unwanted options, treatment options, guidelines, programs, artworks, as well as other resources. But Lion Forge sometimes thinks new ideas, models, or ideas from outside places.

For people with concept, therapy, thought, artwork a€“ chances are you’ll publish this products to Lion Forge, but only when you initially acknowledge and accept to the Lion Forge submitting insurance policy and submitting production contract.

Please note that if you want to submit materials, forward the link to publicly-posted profiles. Any distribution in excess of 25 MB will never be approved and should be offered by giving a web link.

You wona€™t always get an immediate impulse, but the authors does look into all that happens throughout the portal.

Red 5 Comics

Pencillers, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers, Achieved Runs

Your submission ought to include no less than five (5) listings of your own greatest sequential storytelling artistry, not merely sketches or pin-ups. These listings should show an ability want Hindu dating site to take care of different clips, technology, experiences, and charactersa€¦ ranging from peaceful dialogue to intense motions.

Pencillers: the case should showcase pencils-only, not inked or dyed articles. Make sure the scans become of great sufficient high quality to demonstrably visit your function.

Inkers: their examples is black-and-white and include a side-by-side evaluation making use of initial pens.

Colorists: your own profile must always be based on line-art from multiple creators look at your know-how in a number of kinds.

Red 5 Comics is obviously accessible to looking into top quality creator-owned work for publication. Your professionals give print-ready listings, and Red 5 Comics manages sales, printing, delivery and linked activity. The comedian is posted and there is a profit-split. Each and every organization maintain whole rights with the rational belongings.

Assembling your shed must already have a complete imaginative organization committed and on-board, such as an author, penciler, inker, colorist (if hues), and letterer. Red 5 Comics is interested only in works which happen to be G, PG or PG-13 in the wild. We’re going to maybe not acknowledge R-rated recommendations. No costumed superhero tales at this time.