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The above five iTunes alternatives have both advantages and disadvantages, and every single tool can serve a different purpose. The main functions of MusicBee and Media Monkey are music syncing and management, while the other three can do both data organization and transfer. A lot of features fulfill multiple iPhone and iPhone data transfer/backup/management need. CopyTrans is an all-in-one iTunes alternative tool to transfer music, photos, videos, contacts and more from PC to iPhone, iPad and iPod without needing to go through iTunes in the process. However, it’s only available for Windows PC. No Mac version is available yet. If you’re looking for an alternative to iTunes Mac OS X, you should try CopyTrans alternative for Mac.

With iMazing, you can easily transfer photos, music, contacts, videos, ringtones, and more between iPhone and computer . TheQuick Transfer feature will help you simply drop all the files from a folder on a computer to an iPhone or an iPad.

You just need to make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. The App Downloader feature allows you to select and install apps from the App Store straight from your computer. An interesting characteristic of this feature is that you can easily select the region of the App Store before searching for an App. This way, you can select and install apps from distinct regions in your Apple device. You can perform daily backups from your new iPhone 12 data, this way all your content will always be safely stored for future use or management. Accidents can happen and a backup can save a day or a life of usage.

This post introduces some of the top best iPhone transfer/manager software with their innovation features, the trial links, the prices, and the recent coupons I collected. If you use Time Machine and previously had a working macOS configuration that supported the iPod Touch 2gen, you could use Time Machine to revert your primary install to the backup of that working configuration. However note that it may be difficult if not impossible to isolate just iTunes from the backup; you probably have to do a full restore, which means you may lose any subsequent files created. This particular feature allows you to get your iPhone / iPad / iPod screen mirrored into your computer.

You are able to download dr.fone from the above two buttons. Please note Wondershare dr.fone is a collection of iOS or Android tools for you recover, transfer, backup & restore, switch, repair etc.

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But it also gives you afree trial version, with which you can transfer several items, download online videos. For example, the PodTrans got so many 5 stars ratings on CNET. iMazing is fully compatible with the latestiOS 14 and iPhone 12, and it offers afree Bluestacks trial for people to try before purchasing. But, the trial version will restrict the amount that people can transfer and backup on an iPhone.

The only100% freeiPhone data transfer software in the market without file quantity and size limits. Three one-click data transfer modes to transfer the whole or specific files with a single click. Besides, you don’t have to open iTunes when you visit the library. Besides of transferring photos from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to Mac or PC for backup or free up space, I’d also like to transfer photos from my Mac to iPhone. There are my wedding photos that are stored on my Mac that I want to transfer to iPhone so as to show to others.

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Among EaseUS MobiMover, CopyTrans, and DearMob iPhone Manager, the first one is the most cost-effective programs. That’s because it’s a 100% free iTunes alternative like said before. And it’s ultimate in iOS data transfer, management, as well as online videos downloading. It’s an excellent companion in daily using and controlling your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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Just like AnyTrans and iMazing, iExplorer is also a computer-based iPhone data transfer program. And it is good at transferring large numbers of big data files, such as hundreds of pictures, videos, and songs. Certainly, you can play and preview those items before you export them to a computer.